The cutest Discord client mod

Easy to Install

Super easy to install thanks to our graphical installer

Powerful Performance

Built with performance in mind. No more sluggish Discord!

Excellent Browser Support

Works just as well inside your favourite Browser!

Privacy Friendly

Blocks Discord analytics & crash reports out of the box

Maintained Actively

No more broken plugins! Bugs are usually fixed within a day

Developer Friendly

Flexible and robust plugin system with many APIs empowering you

Vencord Windows

What is Vencord?

Vencord is the ultimate Discord tool with 100+ plugins, including SpotifyControls, Translate, and Free Emotes/Stickers. It’s lightweight, runs on any Discord branch, and has excellent browser support. Vencord is customizable with an inbuilt CSS editor and is privacy-friendly. It’s actively maintained and has a settings sync feature for easy use on multiple devices. Take your Discord experience to the next level with Vencord!

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  • Super easy to install (Download Installer, open, click install button, done)
  • 100+ plugins built in: See a list
    • Some highlights: SpotifyControls, MessageLogger, Experiments, GameActivityToggle, Translate, NoTrack, QuickReply, Free Emotes/Stickers, CustomCommands, ShowHiddenChannels, PronounDB
  • Fairly lightweight despite the many inbuilt plugins
  • Excellent Browser Support: Run Vencord in your Browser via extension or UserScript
  • Works on any Discord branch: Stable, Canary or PTB all work (though for the best experience I recommend stable!)
  • Custom CSS and Themes: Inbuilt css editor with support to import any css files (including BetterDiscord themes)
  • Privacy friendly, blocks Discord analytics & crash reporting out of the box and has no telemetry
  • Maintained very actively, broken plugins are usually fixed within 12 hours
  • Settings sync: Keep your plugins and their settings synchronised between devices / apps (optional)

With so much of the advanced application developing to give a us as an ultimate level of experience one of which is Vencord Apk. Vencord has come up as a mod for

This apk gives us freedom to use customized styles and plugins, with so much of instinctive features. This app emphasizes our privacy and keeps the data secure. It stands out as the definitive for Discord tool, with holding a wide assortment of 100 plugins such as translation, spotify controls, free emogis & stickers and many more. Vencord is basically an Android app. The plugins are so trustful and it always asks for permission to allow the app to use specific themes, emotes, stickers with a proper security.

How to use Vencord Apk?

  • This application comes with excellent browser support. User can easily run Vencord in any browser they are accessing on any medium.
  • Extremely easy to install by just downloading installer, open, start to install and its done.
  • With extensively 100+ plugins it gives thrilling experience.
  • This app works on Discord branch such as stable, canary or PTB. For breathtaking experience one must go for stable.
Some Plugins mentioned below which are the key feature of this application:
  • AlwaysTrust : It removes unwanted and unsecured spam files pop-up
  • AlwaysAnimate: It animates things that can be modified as animated for more attractive experience.
  • BANger: This replaces the GIF in the ban dialogue box with the customized one.
  • ClearURLs : It removes tracking garbages clearing from respective URLs.
Some FAQs:
  • What are the official websites for Vencord Apk?

Vencord is not affiliated with anyother websites, the official website is

  • How should I change my Vencord settings from Canary to Stable?

Vencord settings are already shared, on the same device you can just make a switch and it will be changed and restored.

  • Can Vencord be accessed over mobile phones?

Yes, its having an Android app submerged with Discord website.


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